“Yoga is not about touching your toes, it’s about what you learn on the way down.” —Jigar Gor

Now that we’re starting a new year, many of us are beginning to think about growth, self-development. Many of our faculty at this year’s yoga conference have designed workshops specifically for applying yoga and other traditional concepts into your everyday life.

Any of these classes teach techniques you can take off the mat and into your life. Take tools into your year and beyond that provide growth, confidence, and a sense of clarity, not just in your yoga practice, but in all elements for your life!   

Seane Corn: Revolution of the Soul

Inspired by her new book, Revolution of the Soul, this class will explore the spiritual tools for individual transformation that can lead to collective liberation, including discussion, asana practice, meditation, reflection, and prayer.


Lauren Eckstrom: Transitioning with Awareness On and Off the Mat

This workshop includes a holistic yoga flow practice suitable for all levels, gentle pranayama, meditation, and a guided exercise to explore bringing the art of transitioning off the mat and into your life.


Faith Hunter: Chakra Healing: Body and Soul

The chakras are energy centres within our bodies that serve as pathways to awaken and rebalance the body and soul. When these areas are blocked, we are unable to move and function effortlessly in life. The session includes journaling and “Spiritually Fly” Hatha sequencing merged with Kundalini Yoga.


Kia Miller: Kundalini—The Sacred Power Within

Kundalini is often misunderstood, but it represents our ultimate potential to reach self-realization. Discover practices to remove inner conflict, increase your radiance, and find an inner reservoir of calm and peace. Workshop includes lecture, specific kriyas, pranayama, and meditations to add to your everyday life.


Matthew Cohen: Befriending the Dragon

Emotions are not meant to be feared but understood. Trauma gives birth to destructive emotions. Find that place of greater emotional awareness then move through the fear into acceptance. Using Qigong and yoga techniques, we’ll explore meditations, mudras, and other means by which to befriend the dragon that means us no harm.


Michael Lee: Pretty Much Anything

All of Michael Lee’s classes this year centre around yoga therapy, navigating change, and self development. Take a 6-hour workshop called “Create the Life You Want” and learn  easy-to-follow mind–body practices so you can build an actionable plan for your life. Or choose one of Michael’s other offerings: choose from 2-hour workshops that include Navigating Life Change, Turn Stress into Bliss, and Yoga for Relationships.


Marla Ericksen: Yin Yoga for the Chakras

Take a journey to understand each chakra using Yin poses to stimulate and harmonize each. Marla will guide you using Bija chants, imagery, mantra, and pranayama to deepen your experience. The benefits of this combination of practices will send a healing reverberation through your entire being and, by extension, your life!


J-P Tamblyn Sabo: Yoga Detox

The “detox potential” of yoga isn’t simply sweating, breathing, and doing twisting poses. Discover a simple, comprehensive approach to detoxing with yoga on five levels: physical, mental, energetic, behavioural, and emotional. Leave feeling refreshed, energetic, and inspired, and with the tools to continue your detoxification practice.


Kirsten Guest: iRest Nidra Meditation: Find Freedom from Challenging Emotions and Limiting Beliefs

At times, we are all caught in the grip of an emotional response that can cloud our judgment, causing us to speak or act in a way that we later regret. We all hold beliefs about ourselves and others that can get in the way of authentic relationships. During this workshop, use the principles of iRest meditation to learn to overcome these challenges.


Cathy Keenan: The Three Treasures

Cathy Keenan will dedicate a 2-hour workshop to each of the Three Treasures, which are cornerstone concepts of Chinese Medicine: Jing (essence), Qi (vitality), and Shen (spirit). Dive into each ancient concept and discover how many of the teachings can be applied to your everyday life, filling it with vitality and purpose.


Justin B. Hayley: Seasonal Attunement

Eastern medicine celebrates five seasons every calendar year—focusing on achieving health and well-being through the cultivation of harmony within our lives. Exploring concepts rooted in Chinese medicine, we will uncover basic principles of seasonal attunement. Expect a well-balanced flow Yang practice and a soft, gentle, and therapeutic Yin practice.


Melanie Phillips: Sacred Ceremony for Empowered Healing and Transformation

Experience a puja, or sacred ceremony, for releasing what is no longer serving you on your soul’s journey. With this ceremony as well as setting clear intentions, chanting, journaling and silence, you will call back fragmented parts of yourself and leave feeling more integrated, healthy, clear-sighted, and inspired.


Jack Boken: Break on Through to the Other Side

Breakthrough: the moment when the impossible becomes possible. Learn how to create and facilitate an environment for breakthroughs. Leave with the skills to support your students in releasing limiting beliefs or getting unstuck in your teaching and in your life. Class consists of asana, discussion, and partner work.


We hope you will find one of these workshops to be a good first-step in a life-changing journey. We at the Toronto Yoga Conference wish you clarity, forward energy, and self-love in the new year.

These classes are at their lowest prices of the year until the end of January. Make sure you create and account and register now! There are also plenty of other classes and topics from which to choose. Browse our conference guide and discover for yourself.