When we think of Home, we often think of a place we feel totally safe, completely comfortable and one where even after being away for some time, we can always return. Could you think of your Body as your Home? A place where you can feel safe, comfortable and even if you have been away from Her for some time, as a place you can always return?

The Journey back to your Goddess Home
Your feminine body is an Oracle of wisdom, a maverick of magic, a breathing blessing and a powerful pleasure-maker. She, your Divine Feminine body, is the only place you will find ultimate freedom, joy, pleasure and fulfillment. If that feels more like an idyllic reality than your current experience of your body or even one that you can’t fathom experiencing, I promise you that it’s real. I feel it’s safe to say, most of us have grown up in a society where “doing” is more highly valued then “being,” thinking more than feeling, hurrying up over slowing down. What we produce in that doing, thinking and moving quickly is a feeling that we are “getting somewhere” and “achieving something.” This feeling of achievement is often how we measure our worthiness. When we are operating from the place of our masculine energy, the forward-thinking, penetrating energy part of our selves, we over-commit, over-work, over-do. And when we finally achieve what we were after, as feminine beings we still feel empty, alone, and in a Home where we feel we are never enough, where we are not comfortable or safe. This Journey back to your Goddess Home will be different than any journey that you have taken before. It will require you to unpack, rather than pack everything you think you might need. For this journey YOU are all that you are going to need. Your Goddess Body+ Your Radiant Heart+ and Your willingness to be the Creatrix or your life and the Protectress of your Divine Femininity is all that is required. When we decide to take the journey back home to our Goddessness, like most adventurers we may get excited and scared all at once. When you decide to take the plunge INWARD, listening to the Guides from within, things begin to churn almost instantly. Through Goddess Flow (a feminine style of yoga/dance) you become more fluid, more connected to your body, you being to appreciate your cyclical nature more and in turn become more in tune with Mother Nature. You begin to breathe, flow, emote, create, dance and play.

Then the unpacking beings…
Just like the dark side of the moon has her phase, so too do we. To reach our full potential and full Radiance we must go through our own darkness. All the feelings that we have stored in our womb space (yoni) and in our bodies begin to unearth. Some of what can unearthed could be:

  • Self-doubt
  • Shame
  • Grief
  • Fear
  • Sexual trauma re-lived
  • Pain
  • Depression
  • Anger
  • Sadness
  • Numbness
  • Loneliness
  • Unworthiness

When all of that gets unearthed, we may begin to doubt the journey back home. “Maybe I don’t belong there anymore?” “I have to grow up and think practically, there is no such place that I can truly call my home.” “This is just the way it is now. I need to just accept it.” “My body has failed me so many times before, why should I trust her now?” “I am not woman enough for this.” This is where you choose, Goddesses. You either choose to stuff all that has been unpacked back into your bag and turn around OR…

You can Trust in the Shadow, The Darkness always gives way to Light.
Our magical bodies, have a way of letting us know where the core of our unnatural patterns are stored. These patterns of over-producing, people pleasing, of comparison, of unworthiness or of disconnection from our sensuality, sexuality and Mumma Earth are the beliefs that got us lost, and took us away from our Home at in the first place. In your journey back home to our Goddess Body, there is healing which needs to happen. The Healer that enables this, if you haven’t guessed yet, is YOU. It is going to take your Courageous and Compassionate Durga Shakti to continue the Journey back home, even through the darkness, trusting in the wisdom of your Divine Femininity and even trusting the Shadow. Know that at the heart of every women is a Mother. You are the Mother of your precious and tender Feminine Body. She is always a place you can call Home. She is, in fact, the Heart of your Home.

Dark Moon Practice
This video is an example of a practice that can be done at the new moon or at any time when you feel you need to move shadow emotions: vimeo.com/184706666

Michelle Tamblyn-Sabo
Michelle’s teaching reveals her profound love and adoration for the body’s inherent wisdom and ability to express truth. With an unquenchable thirst for learning and growth, she has studied extensively in Ahimsa, Restorative, Para and Ashtanga Yoga as well as S-Factor Feminine Movement. Michelle is equipped to inspire women in living a wildly vibrant and powerful life fuelled by passion in the moment, truth in movement, and freedom in the feminine body. Michelle is a life and feminine empowerment coach in addition to being a teacher, teacher trainer and co-owner of Ahimsa Yoga Centres in the GTA with her husband JP Tamblyn-Sabo.