Danielle [Dani] March says she stumbled upon yoga mostly by luck. However, in the yoga community, finding yoga almost always seems more like fate.

As ballet dancer from a young age, Dani inevitably fell in love with the graceful movement of Vinyasa yoga, only later to fall in love with the stillness of meditation offered in yin yoga.

“Initially, I craved the powerful effects of a daily practice and the subtle impacts yoga had on my body over time. It felt devotional and structured. Yoga offered me a baseline for [self] improvement. Since I am a passionate person, when I fall in love with something –  I am all in! On that note, I’ll be the first to admit that I also tend to take on too much. That’s when I found the magical practice of Yin Yoga”

Being a full-time Marketing Strategist by day and a Yoga Teacher and Business Coach by night, proved to be exhausting. That’s when she sought out other, more passive style of yoga. As she recalls, the new sensation associated with yin yoga, were at first uncomfortable.

“Intuitively,  I knew I needed to slow down but I found the practice of stillness, extremely challenging. At the same time, that’s why I loved it. I can now appreciate the excitement of working at my edge with the nourishing benefits of finding ease.”


Dani now primarily teaches a combination of Yin [passive] and Yang [active] in styles of yoga in her drop in classes, while incorporating multiple layers of the physical, subtle and spiritual bodies.

Finding balance in her own yoga practice, Dani started to open her mind to transformation off her mat, across her many passion projects like hosting workshops across North America, leading her own Yin Yoga Teacher Training and mostly recently, launching The Business of Yoga Masterclass.

The Business of Yoga Masterclass combines 2 decades of corporate and entrepreneurial experience with her knowledge of running a yoga business in a specially designed 12-module course to help yoga teachers and studio owners learn to grow their heart based business. The masterclass covers topics such as conscious marketing, social media, and other practical business skills necessary to succeed in the yoga community. Her aim is to help yoga teachers expand their circle of influence and break through the traditional ‘drop-in class’ model.  She offering a one-day version of The Business of Yoga Masterclass at this year’s conference.

“I firmly believe that the soul governs all areas of life – including your business. Successful businesses work in a way that honours both the heart and the head.”

Dani also brings another one of her passions to this year’s conference – The Desire Map – a life design method (created by Canadian author Danielle LaPorte) is based in how you want to feel.


“Sounds deceptively simple but don’t’ be fooled. The Desire Map has the power to change your life. Instead of chasing an external achievement, we examine why we want what we do and develop an intention practice that allows us to show up and lean in to life.”

“In this workshop, we deep dive the 5 areas of our lives. We explore what’s working, and what’s not, in order to clearly see where in your life you experience a sense of alignment and purpose – and where you want more of it.”

Danielle worked with the original author to incorporate Desire Map techniques with yoga. She now offers this Desire Map + Yoga workshop regularly, including this year’s conference.

“We’re using the concepts of yoga and movement to embody the material. We have time to learn the theory and we have time to embody the practice. The combination of these two things allows us to get to the heart of the matter… You’ll walk away from this workshop with a handful of core-desire feelings – They’re meant to serve as daily reminders of what you want to invite into your life. We’ll craft an action plan to ensure your compass stays pointing North”


An entrepreneurial yogi like Dani is sure to have plenty on her mind. But yoga has been a great help in finding and maintaining balance. If you’ve been looking to grow your business, or find a little balance of your own, Dani’s full day Yoga for Business workshop and full day Desire Map workshops can send you in the right direction. You can register for her classes or RSVP to her event on Facebook.

In the meantime you can also download your free short Desire Map Daily yoga practice HERE