Something we find incredibly special about the Toronto Yoga Conference & Show every year is the huge amount of love we receive from our community. Locally, Toronto has been the perfect home to us, but we’ve also loved getting to see that love extend and reach a global audience!

#TorontoYogaLove is a hashtag we use to connect with our friends local or non-local and share in the love of yoga.

In the spirit of love for our community, we asked some faculty how they show love for their community. We are always looking for ways to improve how we provide and give to our community, and love the ways our faculty shared how they provide for theirs!

Two Forms of Love

There are two forms of love. One is to give with kindness and embrace others. The other is to reveal truth to create a better world. – Aadil Palkhivala


By pouring myself fully into what I’m teaching. By being present and non-distracted so I can give ALL of myself to the students. When I’m present, I hold nothing back. This translates as love because it’s a form of unconditional giving. When I give myself fully like this, it inspires others to do the same. – Todd Norian

I show up and I listen. – Cathy Keenan

Building Community Connection

I love connecting with the folks who come to my workshops and will take extra time to get to know people to get the most from their experiences. I also make sure I connect with other members of the faculty to learn and share. We are all one and all connected, and so I like to put that principle into action as part of this community.  – Michael Lee

Someone recently asked me what is my “love manifestation” or how do I show my love. It immediately came to me that I show my love through building conscious community and being of service to the community. I love seeing people connect through yoga and seeing people come together for transformation in workshops at the conference. The Toronto Yoga Conference is the perfect place to meet like-minded people and share in the joy and gifts of yoga and community. – Devinder Kaur

My community is both local and global. We share love together with 7 a.m. meditation practices, then going for tea. It’s a great way to start the day! – Kirsten Guest

Kindness, Authenticity, and a Hug

Community is everything to me. “Om namo nayarana” most closely, good for all or not at all!   Through my kindness, my sharing and my deeply authentic + raw approach, I am love as I share my personal experience of yoga. And honestly, I show my community love by being that—a conduit of love! It’s my mission “to shine—to spread and share health + happiness inspiring integrous natural + nurturing elevation through education. I really like hugging too! – Ann Green

Empowering through Education

I publish a podcast—intelligent edge yoga—and I put a lot of time and thoughtfulness into it. I interview a wide range of yogis and also deliver my own episodes, but I’m not choosing people for their social media reach, I’m choosing them because they have great knowledge to share. – Kathryn Flynn

I educate them and empower them. – Jill Miller


We just love our faculty, and all they share with us. We also love you, reader, for being a part of this Toronto Yoga community! The conference starts today and there’s still a chance to learn with these wonderful instructors.  

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