Whether you’re spending today with a special Valentine or soldiering through as an independent woman or man, there is still plenty of love to go around. Remember, the chocolate and flower-buying love of Valentine’s Day is only one variety.

As yogis, we have come to learn there’s more than one kind of love. No matter your relationship status, there’s always some yogi love out there for you.

Love for Yourself



First and foremost, and especially today, remember Metta and self-love. Yoga teaches us to get in tune with our bodies, our emotions and our spirituality. By understanding our own strengths and limitations through yoga, we can begin to accept and love ourselves in all aspects of our lives. Remember, you shouldn’t kick yourself if you can’t do a handstand, and you shouldn’t kick yourself if you don’t have a date.

Love for Others



Learning the skills of gratitude and acceptance during yoga can helps us see and appreciate others. By learning to understand and love yourself in a yoga practice, you learn how to love and understand others. Whether romantic or not, we could all benefit from sharing a little more love with one another.

Love for Community


Yoga Community

Being part of a studio means being part of a community. Heck, just reading this far in this post shows you’re a part of our Toronto Yoga Community! Yogis in a class can quickly learn to practice together, to breathe together and to love together. By doing yoga, you’ll quickly learn that some of the biggest sources of love are from fellow yogis in your studio.




It’s true, the extra flexibility can go a long way. But that’s not all! The deep connection you feel to your own body during a yoga class is a helpful skill when connecting to another body in a more intimate “couple’s yoga” session. Here’s
a great article explaining all the ways yoga can help.

Love as a Practice (Sadhana)



To act lovingly is different than to love another. While it’s impossible to love everyone we meet, we can always ACT lovingly. You don’t need to feel grateful for every gift, but you can always say thank you. Yoga teaches us to love the journey and the practice of achieving something. Just setting out on a journey to find love, is in itself, a way of loving!

Love for Something Bigger than Yourself



Connection is the name of the yoga game. Not only connection to yourself but also connection to something bigger than ourselves. Yoga can help you see your place in the universe’s big picture. You can see your value and appreciate your place through the deep spiritual connection many have in yoga. Whether you call it God, the Great Love or something else—a yoga practice can provide that deep connection.

There’s more than one kind of love to find this Valentine’s day. Practice some yoga, you’ll come to see love is all around around us!



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