Just in time for the new year, we’ve opened registration. The Toronto Yoga Conference is the ONE place you can reach your yoga resolutions with over 300 master workshops from some of the world’s most renowned yogis. This year’s conference has plenty to offer, so you’ll want to make sure you’re taking advantage of every opportunity. Our guide to this year’s conference guide should help you make 2017 the most memorable Yoga Conference yet!

The Conference Guide

It’s called a guide for a reason: you’ll be lost without it! This is the one place to find the full schedule and class descriptions from all our faculty. You’ll also find exclusive faculty articles and more information on this year’s conference. Find a hard copy at many of the yoga studios across the GTA or view the online version here. Additional descriptions and registration can be done on our registration website.

Decide How Much Yoga You Want to Do (Pricing Details)

You can learn a lot in a weekend! We have conference packages to fit any budget. The pricing details below break down how many hours of classes are included in each package. Select the package that fits your time and budget.

*Please note that more offers will be available for those that have purchased a VIP package – we are just finalizing the surprises and will have more information early January.

Remember to Register Early

As you can see, the earlier you register, the better the price is for you. Not only will you get into your first-choice workshops, but you’ll also receive our exclusive and early-bird pricing. Exclusive pricing is available only until February 15. Prices increase on February 16 and again March 13. So don’t delay registration if you want to save your yoga dollars for the show floor!

Consider Joining the Longer Classes

Don’t just stick to the small classes: a full day with a yogi master can work wonders for your teaching or personal practice. Continue growing your knowledge and building connections with other like-minded yogis. Our Bronze Package offers enough hours for only one 6- or 8-hour workshop, so consider an upgrade to make more of your weekend at the show.
Full day workshops are available on Thursday, March 30, and Friday, March 31. See the back of the conference guide for full descriptions so you can make the best choices for you.

Use the Back of the Conference Guide

You wouldn’t want to double-book yourself! So, check out the back of the conference guide, which is laid out chronologically to make scheduling your courses easy. Easily see what classes are being offered in every time slot. Print out the pages from the online guide and breeze through your class selection. The only problem you’ll have is choosing just one class for each time slot!

RSVP on our Facebook Event Pages

Once you’ve selected and registered for your classes, be sure to RSVP on our Facebook Event pages. Our Facebook event pages will deliver up-to-date information about all the classes you’re attending right to your Facebook feed. You can also invite others to join you for the class through Facebook – so you and your friends can expand your yoga knowledge together.

Here’s an up-to-date list of all our current Facebook Event Pages (more to come):

Sign Up for our Newsletter

As always, the best way to get updates about the conference is directly in your mailbox. Join our tribe and you will get insights into exclusive opportunities, including a VIP Conference Experience for the 2017 Yoga Show. You can sign up with the box at the bottom of this article.
We can’t wait to see all you yogis at our conference! Happy registration and let us know on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram if you need help choosing the right classes for you.