*This is a guest post authored by Darren Austin Hall*

“At the root of all power and motion, there is music and rhythm, the play of patterned frequencies against the matrix of time. We know that every particle in the physical universe takes its characteristics from the pitch and pattern and overtones of its particular frequencies, its singing. Before we make music, music makes us.”

– Joachim-Ernst Berendt

The World is Sound Humanity is undergoing an immense evolution of consciousness at present. Our modern times are deeply transformative and many are being inspired into the realm of spirituality. The global popularity of yoga affirms this—all over the world people are endeavouring for a deeper experience of the body, their being and reality via the magnificent wisdom and disciplines of yoga.

Another realm of transformation involves integrations of science and spirituality and, truly, what I call the re-enchantment of the world. For centuries now, humanity has been experiencing what is deemed in socio-political and even literature the age of disenchantment where a dominant rational and materialist worldview has relegated many of the more ‘mystical’ aspects of experience to an ostracized dustbin, robbing us of a sense of the grand harmony of the universe and even the living beauty of the cosmos.

Quantum physics is re-establishing a world of fundamental energy and interconnection; a world teeming with magical potential and empowering intersectionalities where scientist and mystic are finding delightful coherence. Moreover, the seeming esoteric areas of yoga itself (based on ancient Vedic spiritual sciences) are becoming strikingly understandable through the quatum gaze, inspiring many scientists to become profoundly interested in the ancient mystical traditions. Take esteemed quantum theorist, Ervin Laszlo, who wrote a recent book detailing this convergence called Science and the Akashic Field. And even mainstream films like Doctor Strange are not shying away from illustrating the chakras, our subtle energetic anatomy which yoga details profusely. Humanity’s sense of the inherently mystical aspect of the universe is regenerating and science is supporting this marvelous endeavour.


“Hindu and Chinese cosmologies have always maintained that the things and beings that exist in the world are a concretization or distillation of the basic energy of the cosmos, descending from its original source.”

– Ervin Laszlo

Working with the energy of sound is one of the eight-limbs of yoga, encapsulated in mantra. Sound is integral to the spiritual science of yoga because it works with vibration which is an essential quality of energy. All energy is vibrating with movement and anything that vibrates has a frequency or makes a sound. This is why the ancient yogis purported that the world is sound, Nada Brahma, because everything is essentially energetic (as quantum physics also reveals)–everything is making sound. Some sounds are inaudible to the human ear because our sense capacities are limited, which yoga also addresses by rendering our limited apprehension of reality as illusion or maya.

Yet, as we work with the arts of yoga, we have the potential to enhance and amplify our sensory sensitivities and even awaken latent ones, such as the ability to feel subtler energies. Working with sound offers a powerful gateway toward developing our energetic sensibility, which creates incredible gifts in our life. Ultimately, we begin to enhance our ability to sense the expansive mystical realms of existence.

The human voice is the most powerful sound instrument on the planet. When we make sound, all of the cells of our body are receptive to it. It’s as if the throat is a massive radio tower, sending out vibrations to the antennae of our cells. When we use sound with intention, we can literally imprint our cellular structure with positive vibrations, even vibrate particular energetic blockages in the physical body with guided sound to return flow, and we can also enter into deeply mystical states as we charge our bodies with stimulating frequencies.

It’s commonplace for people when using the singing voice even for a moment to feel immediately lighter and a lifting of mood because sound is vibrating all that we are, throwing off stagnation and charging us with vitality. Prolonged use of sound through toning (the making of long sounds, particularly vowel sounds) and mantra chanting can even foster enhanced states of consciousness where we begin to feel connection with the unified field of the universe!


This is what I call ‘source resonance’ for as we vibrate we are merging with the essential quality of the universe, which is also vibration or energy. This is where sound becomes a ‘sonic mysticism’, to borrow from yogic sound sage, Russill Paul. Working with sound is one of the profound reclamation projects of awakening humanity. A sound practice offers an exceptional tool to manage one’s life-energy/prana and master one’s energetic state, the true boon of vibrational wisdom. For as Barbara Marciniak affirmed gloriously ‘frequency is our identity’.

Thus, if we are feeling depressed, all we really have to do is change our frequency state and singing a few tones coupled with some light body movement instantly alters our state of being. This is no joke! Try it for yourself the next time you wish to transform anger, frustration or depression. The more we work with sound, the more energized our body becomes, offering us a purification tool of the most fundamental kind, as our renewed vitality begins to sweep blocks away and regenerate deficiencies.

This is why the Throat Chakra itself is called Vissudha in Sanskrit, meaning ‘with purity’, for use of the throat as a sound healing tool can purify us most excellently. Not before long, you might find people remarking how much they like your vibe and you can respond with a knowing smile, knowing the shimmering vibe you’re exuding is wholly your creation thanks to the healing power of sound.

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