Many people feel perfectly content settling into the same desk job every day, falling into common routines, But at the end of the day, you really have to ask yourself, “are you Happy?”

For “Happy” Jack Boken, living every day as happily as possible has become his new life calling. After years of working a corporate job in Alberta, Jack’s struggles with alcoholism, drugs and workaholism began to catch up with them. All of a sudden, Jack experienced a breakthrough. He made the decision to leave his job and travel the world.

2017 Jack Boken

“When I quit the corporate world the first thing I did was I took a one way ticket to India. It was one of those Eat Pray Love type of things.”

Overseas Jack’s world was blown right open when he saw people who had what the West considered nothing, still finding ways to be happy with what they had.

“There’s the science of achievement and the art of fulfillment. We’re good at the science of achievement – getting our education, buying a house. But the people in India know the art of fulfillment…I was inspired to blend those two. The passionate side of the west with the fulfilling side from India.”

Jack’s positivity makes its way into his own style of yoga called Happy Jack Yoga. It combines elements of Western Power Yoga inspired by Baptiste yoga with spiritual teachings from Eastern Philosophy and the breakthrough teaching of Tony Robbins – who Jack begun to work with while developing the Happy Jack style.  


“Through the guidance of Tony and others, we’ve really created that it’s a lifestyle and transformational process. That I life, my girlfriend lives. That our team lives… This is what we believe in and this is the lifestyle we live and that’s what we’re here to share.”

Happy Jack workshops are done all over the world, and Jack has developed a strong community across the US, Finland, the UK and Canada. Jack says he’s seen many breakthroughs in his classes and points out small breakthrough happen every day.

Happy Jack camel

Jack’s mindset has given him a great set of tools to enjoy every day, even when faced with hard times. A few years ago, Jack was diagnosed with testicular cancer. He says if he had the same mindset he did in the corporate world he would have had a lot more anxiety, but yoga taught him to let go.

“I [knew I was] going to be okay and I  [knew I was going] to survive and be okay with this. I knew I was going to learn something and be able to connect with people going through challenging situations.”

Developing a practice and working with Tony has led Jack to interact with all kinds of exciting people in exciting places. On a recent snowboarding trip with Tony Robbins to Whistler, Jack and the others at the retreat attended a private speech by Bill Clinton.


“I thought was really cool… he could have been bad mouthing Trump or whatever. But his message was there’s so much name-calling going on. He said we gotta stick together. We’ve got to stop focusing on what’s wrong and putting our attention on doing what’s right.”

Jack says Bill Clinton also mentioned one of his favorite books was The 4 Agreements, which Jack just so happened to bring with him on that Whistler trip. He describes the experience as validating in many ways.

“Us as yogis were reading these books and on these paths Someone who has so much success reading these books. Telling us about his meditation practice…That’s the kind of thing I would have never got to experience at my corporate job.”

Jack says he’s excited to bring Tony Robbins teachings into the yoga world. Including the Toronto Yoga Conference this weekend.

“As far as I’m concerned, this is the biggest best baddest yoga event in Canada. It has so much potential to get out our message” “

There’s still time to register for Jack’s Saturday and Sunday workshops. Or you can catch him with his guitar for what’s sure to be a very positive Yoga Garden session Sunday from 2:30 to 4:00. You can get a FREE PASS to this event here

[We’re going to] light it up. We’ll get people singing. Crying laughing Get[ting] real.”
Experience a little breakthrough, or maybe something bigger. But we guarantee one thing, your day will be at least a little bit brighter if you come hear what Happy Jack has to say.