Many people will say the holidays are about celebration and remembering what is important. However, the holidays can also bring about a lot of stress, tension and lack of time to recharge. We can get so focused on the gifts and decorations, we forget to actually take time out for ourselves to appreciate the holidays.

We’ve thought of a few things our yogi community can partake in this Holiday season that don’t involve busy malls and elaborate centrepieces.

Read (or reread) books about yoga.


We love these books by our 2018 Faculty. See if you can get one from your local library or borrow from a friend:


Yoga for Life: A Journey to Inner Peace and Freedom by Colleen Saidman



We love Colleen Saidman Yee, and this book is a must-read for anyone who agrees with us. She has lived an exciting and dramatic life and, ever since she found yoga, Colleen has shared the healing power of this practice.


The Roll Model: A Step-by-Step Guide to Erase Pain, Improve Mobility, and Live Better in Your Body by Jill Miller



Who wouldn’t want to live better in their body? Pain affects so many of us, and is one of the reasons many people begin their yoga practice.


Kilted Yoga: Yoga Laid Bare by Finlay Wilson



A quirky, fun guide to yoga, which keeps it real and features beautiful photography. Also: what’s not to love about yoga, kilts, nature and bare bums?

Give time or resources to charity.

Practice seva—which means selfless service—to honour your yogic path and find a way to give back this year. These acts come without an expectation of reciprocation, so think, “Acts of Kindness!” If you are short on cash, volunteering your time or emptying your pantry or closet of unwanted goods could be a thoughtful way to show you care. It will also help you pare down your belongings a little, which would benefit most of us!

Go to a yoga class or find a quiet moment to meditate.

It can be so easy around this season to forego the things that make us feel great, as we focus on honouring those who are important to us. Just remember that it is much easier to care for others when your cup is full, so refill that cup often this time and your loved ones will benefit!

Make good choices about what goes into your body.

Champagne at New Year’s celebrations, desserts at every get together and traditional holiday meals can add up to a lot of choices you wouldn’t normally make as a health-conscious yogi. Without putting unneeded guilt or shame on yourself, do make an effort to also enjoy foods that nourish and sustain your body with all that vitality you love.

Spread positivity.

Once you’ve taken care of yourself, allow joy to be your guiding force this year! Spread light wherever you go, and others will be able to receive the purest gift: happiness.

What are you doing to help focus on the reason of the season? Please share any other suggestions in the comments below.

Shine bright this season fellow yogis!